Registration is available at The price of your registration is determined by your payment date, not the date you begin your registration.

Remember that you have the ability to adjust your event sign-ups in registration after paying, until the end of late registration. Register and pay now to lock in the earlier rates!

Prices for registration are as follows. Learn more about the difference between Competitor, Non-Competitor, and Spectator roles.

Competitor Registration Cost

Early Registration (Nov to Feb 29): $95
Normal Registration (March 1 to April 30): $115
Late Registration (May 1 to June 21): $140

Non-Competitor and Spectator Cost

Non-Competitor Registration (Nov to June 21): $30
Spectator Registration: Free

Refund Policy

100% refund through the end of early registration (Feb 29).
50% refund through the end of normal registration (April 30).
No refunds after that date.